Sally He

Sally He

Valuations Administrator

Sally joined the team at Roseberys in 2023 and works in the Probates, Estates & Insurance Valuations Department. She is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese. She assists with the daily management of auction valuations, including client communications, valuation reports, proposal write-ups, and pre-sale and post-sale services. Before this, she worked as an assistant in the art world, including Frieze London, Vogue, China Guardian Auction House, Photo London and private galleries.

Sally is an MA Art Business graduate at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Through her studies, she developed extensive knowledge of the art market. Specifically, her interests lie in art law, where her dissertation focuses on the Cultural Amendments and Regulations in China. Through this work, she explores the intricate interplay between art and law, unearthing the profound relationship between these two domains. Sally's passion extends to post-war and contemporary Chinese art, driven by her fascination with the profound connection between art and culture.


何辰璞于 2023 年加入 Roseberys 团队,在遗嘱认证、遗产和保险估值部门工作。她能说流利的英语和普通话。她协助拍卖估价的日常管理,包括客户沟通、估价报告、提案撰写以及售前和售后服务。在此之前,她曾在伦敦弗里兹、Vogue、中国嘉德拍卖行、伦敦摄影展和私人画廊等艺术界担任助理。 


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