Anna Evans

Anna Evans

Head of Sale & Specialist | Fine & Decorative, Works of Art, Sculpture & Clocks

Anna joined Roseberys in 2018 as a consultant in European Works of Art and Sculpture and contributes to the Fine & Decorative sales which take place three times a year. As a fifteen-year veteran and Director of Christie's in London, Anna brings with her a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts.

Anna graduated in 2001 with a First Class (Hons) degree in History of Art & Architecture from the University of East Anglia before starting her first auction house job in 2002. As well as extensive knowledge of traditional works of art from the medieval period to the 19th century Anna has been involved in many high-profile sales, including the auction of the running shoes Sir Roger Bannister’s wore to complete the first sub-four minute mile, a 1966 Routemaster Bus and several collections of garden statuary and architectural ornament.

An auctioneer with 10 years experience, Anna is also an enthusiastic visitor to country houses, museums and galleries.

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