Online Bidding with RoseberysLive

Roseberys London are delighted to offer their clients the opportunity to follow our auctions and bid live online from anywhere in the world, using Roseberys in-house live bidding platform RoseberysLive.
The system is easy to use and offers our clients a way to bid securely and directly with us, without the use of services provided by third parties. This is a complimentary service with no additional surcharge.
You pay what you would do if you were bidding in the room.
You can browse our catalogues and bid live with Roseberys when you are connected to the internet on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. A live audio and video feed allows you to view the auctioneer and listen to the bidding as if you were in the auction room.


Create an account
To create a new account with RoseberysLive simply click on the Login link which appears in the top right-hand side of any page, or Click Here to Create a New Account
If you need to edit any of your personal details after you have registered you can do so by logging in to your account and visiting the My Profile tab.
Register for an auction
Once your account has been created to can register for any of our forthcoming auctions. You will be asked to leave credit card details securely when you register, but money will not be taken directly from the card for payment of goods bought through the auction, unless you fail to make payment directly to the auction house after you purchase items. Your credit card details can be edited at any time by logging in to your account and visiting the My Profile tab.

The first time you register for an auction our accounts department will need to manually check and verify your registration details and approve you. This process only needs to happen once, the next time you register for an auction you will be automatically approved.

Click Here to Register for Forthcoming Auctions

You can search for items using the search box on the right-hand side of every page of the website. Alternatively you can search in an auction catalogue using the 'Search this catalogue' dropdown search box.

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You can now keep track of your favourite items from any Roseberys auction by adding the item to your watchlist using the link on the item page. You can view all the lots in your watchlist by clicking on the ‘My Items’ tab in your account, where you can also track any items you have left pre-sale commission bids on via Roseberys website. The results of the lots will also be displayed on this page.

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Item and Keyword Alerts
Roseberys auction alert service can help you find the items you are looking for. Simply enter the item keyword and we will email you directly when we upload an item on to the site that matches that keyword.
You’ll find a list of your alerts in the ‘My Alerts’ section of your account, and you can amend or delete them at any time.

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You don’t have to attend our auctions to participate in them. You can watch the progress of a sale or bid live from anywhere in the world using a computer or mobile device. It’s a free service, unlike third party bidding platforms and if there is a problem we can help you directly, just pick up the phone and call our client services team on +44 (0) 20 8761 2522 and we can talk you through any issues you may be having.

Roseberys host two types of auctions, a live auction and an online only timed auction. What is the difference?

A live auction is what you traditionally think of as an auction which has an auctioneer, telephone bidders, bidders in the room and then the internet platforms where you can bid through the bidding platforms such as RoseberysLive to bid live during the sale but enjoy the flexibility of not being in the auction room.

The second type of auction is an online only timed auction. This auction is run purely through the Roseberys website and is operated by the bidding software and not by an auctioneer. Lots close one minute after each other in sequential order, unless there is bidding in the last minute in which case the lot extends by a further ten minutes allowing other interested parties to increase their bids. The extended lot will remain open whilst the other lots continue to close one minute after each other. There is a count down clock on each lot.

There is no additional surcharge for bidding online with RoseberysLive either in a live or online only timed auction or for leaving pre sale commission bids.

Most third party platforms charge between 3 and 5% + VAT for this service so using RoseberysLive enables you to make that extra bid on your chosen lots as there is no addition fee.
Please remember that our buyer’s premium of 25% + VAT does apply as it does to all methods of bidding at auction both for live and online only timed auctions.

Pre-sale commission bids

Pre-sale bids can be left via our website on individual lot pages. These bids are actioned on your behalf by the RoseberysLive software, and are not visible to the auctioneer. You are not able to leave bids which are ‘off-increment’ the software will advise you with a message what is the next acceptable bid; for example you can bid £1000 but not £1010 the next bid would be £1050.

There is a starting price listed on every lot. The starting price does not necessarily represent the reserve price on the lot, as this is confidential, when you place a pre-sale bid a message will come up to advise you if your bid has not met the reserve price and you have the opportunity to increase your bid.

If you want to increase you bid you can do this at any time and leave additional bids including whilst the auction is live. You can view all the lots with your pre-sale bids by clicking on the ‘My Items’ tab in your account.

You will receive an email to confirm your bids have been placed.

These bids are actioned as soon as you place them and remain live throughout the auction. As such, if you are outbid by another pre-sale commission bid you will receive an email notification giving you the opportunity to increase your bid should you wish. Remember, bidding will still happen during the live sale so even if your bid is the highest before the auction you may still be outbid during the live sale. If you wish to cancel a bid you must contact our client services team who will be able to assist you.

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Bidding live during the auction

Around 15 minutes before the auction is due to start a ‘Bid or Watch Live’ button will appear at the top of the catalogue for the live auction. If you click on this button you will open the bidding or watching window. You will also have the option to turn the audio and video link on.
The first lot of the auction will be displayed on the screen and there will be a button showing the amount currently being asked for by the auctioneer. If you want to bid for a lot you simply click the button to bid the amount shown on the button. When the auctioneer accepts your bid the button will change colour and it will tell you that you are the high bidder. You will then not be able to bid again until you have been outbid by another buyer. If your bid was not accepted by the auctioneer you will be prompted to bid again.
If you see a ‘Register to Bid’ button when you login to the bidding window this indicates that you have not registered to bid live in that particular auction. You can click the button and it will take you to the registration page.
If you see a grey button appear saying ‘Pending Approval’ this indicates that you have not yet been approved to bid in the auction. You will need to contact our accounts department at or on +44 (0) 20 8761 2522 to get your approval activated.

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• Register as early as you can to ensure your account is approved for bidding prior to your lot coming up for sale.
• Bid as early as you can. The Roseberys representative who is relaying your bids to the auctioneer needs to know you are interested in bidding for the item.
• Please do not wait until the last second to bid. We may not receive the bid before the auctioneer sells the lot.
• Use the screen for information rather than waiting until you hear the auctioneer. There may be a delay in the audio.
• Please remember, bidding whether online or in the room, is a contractual commitment to buy and you form a legally binding contract with the auction house by doing so.

You need to register to bid in the auction in the same way as you would to bid in a live auction; simply go to the auction listing and login and register to bid through the login/register button. You can use the same account as RoseberysLive. If you have registered before for an auction either live or online only you will be automatically approved, otherwise you will need to wait for the accounts department to review your registration request and your status will be pending until it is approved.

To place a bid, login to the auction and a box will appear on each lot to place a max bid. On each lot there is a starting price and current bid price if the lot already has a bid on. The bid you place must exceed this amount. Your bid will be actioned at the lowest possible amount by the bidding software and only increase if there is another bid.
You are not able to leave bids which are ‘off-increment’ the software will advise you with a message what is the next acceptable bid; for example you can bid £1000 but not £1010 the next bid would be £1050.
You will receive an email to confirm your bid has been placed and further emails if you have been outbid or are the successful bidder at the end of the sale.

Example: If the lot has an estimate of £1000-1500, the starting price may be £800 for example, you may be prepared to pay a maximum of £1500 in which case you should enter this amount as your Max Bid. This amount remains completely confidential and cannot be seen by other bidders. If there is no notice on the lot to say current bid, your bid will be actioned at the starting price in this case £800 and a message will appear to say you are the current highest bidder. You will also get an email confirmation of your current and max bid. If another bidder bids on the same lot your bid will increase to the next bid above the bid that has been placed or you may be outbid depending on the amount that has been bid by the other person. For example if someone else bids £1000 your bid will increase to £1050. If someone bids £1500 your bid will increase to £1500 as you placed this bid first and the other persons bid will not be accepted. If the other person bids £1600 then you will be outbid and will receive an email to say you have been outbid and a link to the lot to place another bid. The process continues until the lot closes. If a bid is made within the ten minutes the lot closing time will increase by a further 10 minutes to allow the underbidder to make a further bid.

If you have forgotten your username or your password we can assist you by following this link.
Click Here to Request Password or Username details.
If you would like any further information about RoseberysLive please contact us at or on +44 (0) 20 8761 2522. We would be very happy to answer any questions.