Introducing Take 5 by Alexandra Childs. 

Explore Childs's five highlights from the upcoming Tuesday 12 September

Modern British & 20th Century Art auction.


Alexandra Childs @studio_alexandraldn founded Studio Alexandra in 2016 from a desire to be more practically involved with projects. Alexandra’s professional background is largely within the super-prime-luxury and fast paced commercial markets, which have given her an exceptional eye for detailing and inventive spaces. This experience coupled with her training in Art History gives Studio Alexandra’s projects integrity and grounding and a deep connection with antiques, vintage furniture and art.


Lot 38: Jacob Krämer, Ukrainian/British 1892-1962 - Harbour scene


My first lot is Lot 38. I particularly love the colours used in this piece. It's of a very unfussy harbour. There's a sense of this, especially on a grey day. However, across the background and the buildings, there's quite blocky interesting, flat colours , such as peachy salmon, dirty yellows, and blues. These colours are then reflected in the bow of the boat, in a more painterly fashion. I really enjoyed this contrast of blocky paint colours, and the more fluid brushstrokes. Very simple shapes and lines, and it just spoke to me.


Lot 102: Clifford Cundy, British 1926-1992 - Still life of roses in a jug, 1954


The next lot is Lot 102. It's a very simple, sweet little still life that I just really liked. Notably, I love the thick brush strokes and the deep, rich colours, particularly the vibrant yellow, deep blue, and red of the roses. I'm especially drawn to how the little onions in the foreground reflect the light, creating a captivating contrast with the deep blue tablecloth. I thought it was very sweet.


Lot 111: Claude Venard, French 1913-1999 - Chaise, Verre et Crabe, 1959; oil on canvas


My next lot is Lot 111. This is my favourite of the five. I love this painting. I think it has got some really great shapes. I love the shape of the chair, and the crab claws emerging from the bowl on the table are particularly captivating. I think it's a truly uplifting, fun, and humorous work, and it reminded me of my time living in Paris and going out and having fabulous meals and good times.


Lot 112: Claude Venard, French 1913-1999 - La Mer, c.1959; oil on canvas


My next lot is Lot 112. I really connected with the bold shapes and colours in this piece. The use of the palette knife has lent it a distinctly graphic and textural quality. You can almost hear the boats and ships arriving at the harbour, and it possesses a certain vibrancy derived from its textural quality.


Lot 229: Patrick Procktor RA RWS, British 1936-2003 - Demeter, 1977


My final lot I've chosen is Lot 229. I appreciate the contrast between the pretty country garden and the somewhat ominous backdrop created by the trees. The stone terrace in the foreground exudes a sense of simplicity, and as you step over the threshold into the garden, you enter an entirely different world while approaching the statue of Demeter. I found it to be a particularly intriguing contrast of emotions and rhythms within this artwork.


 You can view the original video of Alexandra here on our Instagram.