Introducing Take 5 by Katie Watson and her five highlights from the upcoming

Silver auction taking place on Thursday 7 December


Katie Watson is a silversmith and jeweller who specialises in chasing and repoussé. Having graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in Jewellery and Silversmithing, she continued her creative journey in a post-graduate course at Bishopsland Educational Trust. Currently, Katie is residing in the Scottish Borders, working from the newly established Marchmont Silversmithing Workshop.

Katie has won several prestigious awards for her designs, including Gold and Bronze awards from the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council and The Silver Society Prize winner of 2023. Her work has been exhibited across the UK and internationally – often being talent spotted by design organisations. 

Katie’s creative journey starts with walks through Scotland's woodlands, coasts, and mountains, absorbing nature's intricate details. With silver as her canvas, she translates her drawings using the technique of chasing and repoussé. Katie aims to produce wonderlands of nature in unique pieces of jewellery and silverware inviting you to connect with the natural world.


Lot 19: A parcel gilt silver wine goblet,

Stuart Devlin, London, 1975


My first pick is Lot 19, a parcel gilt silver wine goblet by Stuart Devlin. I like the lightly planished surface of the cup and base contrasting with the decorative stem of the goblet.


 Lot 20: A silver and parcel giltEly Cathedral Thirteenth Centenary

commemorative goblet


My second pick is Lot 20, a silver and parcel gilt Ely Cathedral Thirteenth Centenary commemorative goblet by John M Willmin. I love the unique shape of the thick stem and the delicate wave design with the gilt background contrast making the silver waves stand out.


Lot 35: A late Victorian silver string box designed as a pear

W. & G. Neal, London, 1900


My third pick is A late Victorian silver string box designed as a pear by W. & G. Neal. This is a fun concept for a string box as the string would come out the top of the pear stem. It isn’t a traditional shape of box or string box which makes it stand out.


Lot 89: An Art Deco silver café au lait set

Roberts & BelkSheffield


My fourth pick is An Art Deco silver café au lait set by Roberts & Belk. This is a lovely set, with clean angular forms. The ivory, dark wood and silver go really beautifully together.

Lot 40: A pair of German figural place card holders,



My fifth and final choice is A pair of German figural place card holders made in Pforzheim by C. Backhausen. I like the concept of having the two figures holding a bunch of roses and then having this echoed in the pickle forks. As well as having a detailed illustrative design.