The prints and multiples sale on the 5th March proved that demand is still there for Banksy prints, if the images are iconic and the condition is good. We sold the ‘Barcode’, ‘Rude Copper’ and ‘Happy Choppers’ well, these were all early colourful prints from 2002-4 and occupy an important place in Banksy’s art. All came with Pest control certificates which is very important these days, with a backlog at Pest control, the certification service for Banksy. People are looking back to the earlier Banksy prints perhaps because they are possibly purer with a clear message. All these came from private collectors, and were mostly bought when Banksy prints were a fraction of the price they are now. Also our Banksy memorabilia section did well, with a variety of objects from Banksy’s key exhibitions which are more affordable than the prints.


Lot 440: Banksy, Barcode, 2004


We also had a strong result for a dramatic spinning sculpture by the Italian Gianfranco Meggiato, entitled ‘Sfera Antares’, in polished bronze and aluminium, formerly collected mostly in Italy, his appeal is broadening across his collector base. In addition, we had a good result for a portfolio of prints created after Jackson Pollock’s death by the Pollock studio. Vivid and colourful and in great original condition they underline the continued appeal of big names in the Prints field.


 Lot 98: Gianfranco Meggiato, Sfera Antares, 2016


Just after the sale we sold a print by Keith Haring, entitled ‘Growth 4’, which had classic Haring imagery, this time in black and yellow and red. It was one of the stars of the sale and was advertised before the sale. We also sold a Harland Miller rare 'Hell' work which was extensively worked on by the artist himself. This was bright and colourful, in tune with its playful ironic message.


Lot 294: Keith Haring, Growing 4, 1988


The Bob Dylan section continues to do well with a variety of prints, which are regular favourites of collectors. We also had a big Damien Hirst section this time, his prints of ‘Souls’ which are butterfly motifs proved popular with their bright foil colours. Also we had a section of spot prints, those with gold diamond dust sold especially well including one with a dedication to Hirst’s brother Bradley. James McQueen’s works proved more popular than the Connor brothers this time and shows in part he is the younger, newer alternative to the Connor brothers as their themes are similar. Good modern prints by Nicholson, Moore, Pasmore, Palazuelo and Warhol all did well and attract a competitive audience.

Generally, we found with this auction that good examples by popular artists are doing a bit better than last year and people bid higher on rare prints or ones that are on trend. We continue to see growth in a selection of names outside the mainstream which underlines the health of the Print market.