Thinking of Collecting Damien Hirst?

Emerging amidst the provocative YBA movement in the late 1980s, Damien Hirst has consistently dominated headlines and achieved record-breaking prices. Introducing his prints to the market after ten years of acclaim in painting and sculpture, Hirst’s renowned limited-edition series, 'The Last Supper,' debuted in 1999, following his Turner Prize win four years prior. Since then, we have seen his prints increasingly cementing their place in the contemporary art scene, becoming essential for any collection.

Although Hirst's popularity is tied to the 1990s and 2000s, his artistic legacy endures with widespread collectability today. Even though we see some of his prints fetching high figures at auction, others are still accessible and appealing to a new wave of collectors.

Taking a look at the auction market, sales of Hirst's work have shown a consistent upward trend in recent years. We still see a strong and enduring interest in Hirst's pieces, with their value gradually appreciating over time, although subject to occasional short-term fluctuations.



Lot 392: Damien Hirst, Beautiful, Purely Musical, Yet Rich, Highly Electrified,

Somewhat Comical By Tourbillon Painting, 2023

Are Hirst’s Prints Still Valuable?

Two years ago in 2022, Damien Hirst’s signed limited-edition prints fetched between £700 and £151,200 at auctions. Notably, a complete set of ‘H9: The Virtues’ sold for a record-breaking price of £151,200, marking the highest-priced Damien Hirst print-multiple auctioned to date. The following year, despite fluctuations, Hirst's print market remained strong, with sales reaching over £3 million. While factors like edition size, rarity, and provenance influence prices; ultimately, personal style, preference and connection with the artwork are crucial factors when deciding what print to go for.


Lot 402: Damien Hirst, Love is All You Need, 2016


Exploring Damien Hirst's Popular Prints 

Among Damien Hirst's extensive portfolio, certain prints stand out as particularly coveted by collectors. One of the most popular are the ‘Spot’ works, inspired by his ‘Pharmaceutical’ series of paintings. These pieces are highly sought after in the auction market, alongside his series of Butterfly works, such as ‘The Empresses’ and ‘Souls’.

In 2021, Hirst’s ongoing exploration of ‘Spot’ paintings in collaboration with HENI Editions has garnered significant attention, notably with his series "The Currency". Additionally, one of the artist’s latest series also published by HENI Editions, ‘Where the Land Meets the Sea’ introduced in 2023, is already holding some excitement.


Lot 403: Damien Hirst, Gold Gift Spot, 2008

Ensuring the Authenticity of a Damien Hirst Piece

Verifying the authenticity of a Damien Hirst artwork is crucial, especially considering the potential presence of counterfeits in the market, particularly when Hirst’s assistants and publishers are involved in the production. In 2016, the art world witnessed a surge in counterfeit Hirst pieces, prompting more caution among auction houses and dealers. While many Hirst prints are signed, purchasing through reputable brokers or auction houses typically mitigates the risk of acquiring fakes. However, it is important to obtain proper documentation validating the provenance of the artwork.