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Theo Fennell

8 august, 1951 -

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Theo Fennell is an Egyptian-British jewellery designer. Born in 1951 to an Egyptian military family, he spent his early years travelling the world before settling in London where he obtained his education. Renowned for his creativity and audacity in his approach to subject matter, craftsmanship and scale, his designs reflect a blend of cultures showcasing many places he has lived. Throughout his 40-year career, Fennell has managed to leave a trace in the industry by making original, beautiful, handmade jewellery and silverware attracting the attention of many celebrities including Elton John and Lady Gaga. 

Known as the ‘King of Bling’, Fennell first acquired an Arts degree from Byam Shaw School of Art. Soon after he became an apprentice and designer at Edward Barnard, a long-established silversmith in Hatton Garden. He later established his first shop and workshop studios on the Fulham Road in 1986, where he stayed until 2022. As he previously stated, “As there were no social media in those days, it was tough to get people to come to the shop, so we just went out at every opportunity to meet people. Some came in with hangovers and word of mouth did the rest” (Forbes; 2021). Over the years Fennell has managed to make a name for himself in the London Art and Design scene attracting some of the most well know celebrities to his shop.

Passing by a Theo Fennell window is a whole experience on its own. No matter how fast the pace, Theo’s ingenious designs always manage to capture the eye and present the vision his vision of the world. 

The courage in his designs has secured the legacy of his brand. Respected by many, he has been part of multiple exhibitions, one of the most important being Show Off! at London's Royal Academy of Art in 2007. This exhibition consisted of an array of installations, dioramas, paintings, presentations and sculptures, each showcasing a piece of Fennell's jewellery.

In 2008, Fennell founded The Original Design Partnership, a design consultancy specialising in jewellery and silver mentoring for young British designers.  By 2011, he had expanded from jewellery into items such as silver photo frames, cocktail shakers and jugs. In May 2022, after 25 years, he was to move from 197 Fulham Road to a new space in Sloane Square.  

A man with a distinctive style and a unique story to tell, Theo Fennell never stops surprising us with his artistic and smart approach to the creative arts. His uniqueness and service to crafts made him a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (IPG) and an ambassador for The Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council. He is a liveryman of the Goldsmiths Company and an honorary fellow of the University of the Arts London.

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