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Harland Miller

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Harland Miller is a British artist and writer born in Yorkshire, England in 1964. Miller studied at the Chelsea College of Arts in London, graduating with an MA in 1988. He is best known for his large-scale paintings and prints inspired by Penguin Book covers, featuring bold, graphic designs with textual elements. Miller’s work often incorporates elements of pop art, abstraction, and literary references.

Before gaining recognition as an artist, Miller pursued a career in writing, and publishing several novels. However, it was his artistic talents that ultimately propelled him to prominence in the world of contemporary art. Stemming from his literary background, Miller’s reimagined Penguin Book covers combine nostalgic themes and visuals with humorous and often satirical titles or text. These artworks explore themes of identity and the human condition, while also reflecting Miller’s own experiences and observations. The element of nostalgia is particularly prevalent in Miller’s paintings; the penguin book jackets are often creased and worn, giving the impression that these books have been well-loved, harking back to the artist’s childhood. Miller’s unique style and witty commentaries have led to many artists adopting his book cover format. James McQueen and The Connor Brothers are among those who have been influenced by Miller’s striking pairing of colour and text, producing their own unique takes.

Harland Miller takes inspiration from a huge of sources. Whilst he was the Writer in Residence at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Miller helped to curate a series of workshops about American writer Edgar Allan Poe. Other literary influences include F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. Miller’s lifelong passion for language permeates both his written and artistic work. The boundary and interaction between the visual and textual is constantly interrogated, Miller’s artworks explore different balances and combinations that display how impactful words can be depending on their context. With elements of humour and the macabre, combined with medieval, nostalgic, or childish imagery, Harland Miller’s creations are always thought provoking and visually arresting.

Miller’s work has been exhibited internationally and his prominence in the print market makes his works a must have for any collector. Miller’s prints resonate with seasoned collectors, art enthusiasts and newcomers alike, making them versatile additions to any collection. Whether displayed in a private home, corporate office or gallery space, Miller’s prints command attention and spark conversation wherever they are showcased.

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