Alexandra  Exter

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Alexandra Exter

January 18, 1882 - March 17, 1949

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Alexandra Exter, a luminary in the world of modern art, was born on January 6, 1882, in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. Her extraordinary talents as a painter, designer, and theatre artist left an indelible mark on the realms of Cubism, Futurism, and Constructivism.

Exter's artistic journey began with formal training at the Kyiv Art School, where she immersed herself in the rich cultural heritage of her homeland. Her early work was deeply rooted in Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, but she soon embarked on a transformative artistic odyssey that would take her to the forefront of avant-garde art.

Relocating to Paris in the early 20th century, Exter was exposed to the burgeoning European avant-garde movements. This exposure profoundly influenced her work, leading to a dynamic fusion of Ukrainian folklore and the revolutionary ideas of Cubism and Futurism. Her works from this period display a vibrant tapestry of geometric shapes, vivid colors, and an exploration of abstraction that transcended traditional artistic boundaries.

Exter's talent extended beyond the canvas, as she became a trailblazer in the field of costume and set design for the theatre. Her innovative designs graced the stages of prominent theatres in Paris and beyond, enriching the visual language of theatre with her avant-garde sensibilities.

Throughout her career, Alexandra Exter exhibited her work in prestigious galleries and participated in significant avant-garde exhibitions, gaining recognition and acclaim from both peers and art connoisseurs. Her legacy endures as an icon of early 20th-century avant-garde art, with her works held in esteemed collections worldwide.

Alexandra Exter passed away on March 17, 1949, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and influence generations of artists. Her contributions to the worlds of painting, design, and theatre have secured her a revered place in the annals of art history, where her innovative spirit and dedication to artistic exploration continue to captivate and inspire.

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