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Lot 164

Manuscripts from the Private Collection of Prof. W.M Ballantyne (1922-2021) Lots 164-168 A...

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Lot 164

Manuscripts from the Private Collection of Prof. W.M Ballantyne (1922-2021) Lots 164-168

Starting Bid: £4,200

Estimate: £6,000 - £8,000

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Lot 164


Manuscripts from the Private Collection of Prof. W.M Ballantyne (1922-2021) Lots 164-168

A Qur’an

copied by Ali Uthman al-Hilmi, Ottoman Turkey, dated 1272AH/1855AD,

Arabic manuscript on paper, 304ff., with 15ll. of black naskh script to the page within gold margins and gold and red rules, headers in white naskh script against gold within thin light red margins within double black rules, the suras' bismillah highlighted with a floral garland, gold verse roundels, marginal markers as polychrome and gold medallions, stellar motifs or trefoils issuing elegant rising blue foliate sprays, marginal hizb markers in gold, opening and closing bifolios decorated in gold and polychrome, in red morrocco and gilt decorated slip case, clean, very good condition

folio 12.2 x 8.3cm. 

Provenance: Private Collection of Prof. W.M Ballantyne (1922-2021)

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An other qur'an signed by 'Uthman Hilmi similar in style and dated 1276AH/1859-60AD was sold at Christie's 27 April 2017, Lot 12.

Professor W.M. Ballantyne (1922-2021) was a distinguished lawyer, prolific scholar, and avid collector of art. Moving to the Middle East to pursue his legal career, he was a prominent figure in high-profile and noteworthy cases regarding Middle Eastern law. Professor Ballantyne maintained strong ties with English law and cultural institutions, and was appointed as a Visiting Professor at SOAS, publishing numerous essays on Arab law. 

An avid collector of paintings an exhibition of his collection was held at the Fine Art Society in 2014, see "A Barrister's Collection. A Lifetime of Collecting by Professor W.M. Ballantyne," exhibition catalogue, The Fine Art Society, 5-21 March, 2014, London. 

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