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Lot 293

To Be Sold With No Reserve A figural lustre and cobalt-blue shallow pottery dish, Kashan,...

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Lot 293

To Be Sold With No Reserve
A figural lustre and cobalt-blue shallow pottery dish,

Starting Bid: £320

Estimate: £800 - £1,200

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Lot 293


To Be Sold With No Reserve

A figural lustre and cobalt-blue shallow pottery dish,

Kashan, Central Iran, 12th-13th century,

On short foot, the decoration consisting of a large central seated figure against scrolling field, the lip with a band of repeating semi-circular patterns, the exterior in plain cobalt-blue, the base with old attribution label reading "Rheages" in blue ink and old Luigi Laura Collezione inventory label no.17 and two smaller illegible rectangular labels, iridescent, 24cm. diam.

Provenance: With Luigi Anton Laura, Liguria (with an old collection label on the reverse numbered 17, confirmed to match others in his collection); Private Collection, France, acquired in the 1960s. Thence by descent to his children, Monaco;  German art market

Published: Kashi, Ceramiche islamiche dal IX al XVI secolo, Marcello Giampiccolo, 1996, p. 114

This dish is repaired and restored from multiple breaks. The breaks have been filled in. Extensive areas of repaint are noticeable to the exterior and interior along the break lines. The interior shows further scattered areas of repainting to its well, wall and lip. The foot shows minimal losses. One crack is historic and very likely appeared during the firing process.

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Luigi Anton Laura (June 21, 1922 - August 3, 2007) was one of the most outstanding fine and decorative art dealers of post-war Italy. Born in San Remo to a family who could trace their lineage back to 1260, he was trained in the fine arts in Genoa, Florence and Turin, with a small interruption due to war service on the Russian Front. 

He was an expert connoisseur in fields as diverse as the early civilisations of Asia, the Middle East and Europe, 17th and 18th-century English and European furniture, decorative works, early Venetian painting, armour, graphic arts, textiles and much more. 

He opened his first shop in 1946 and his dealership sustained him, but, with his art historian wife Renate (Nera), he indulged his true passion for collecting. He travelled the world to learn about ancient cultures and to buy rare objects to add to his stock and collection. He travelled with Nera and his nieces across Asia and the Far East by Land Rover or camper van and he was a frequent visitor to London and other European cities, amassing an astonishing collection of some 6,000 diverse treasures. This collection was donated to the Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano (FAI), an organisation based on the model of the British National Trust, and is now housed in his old residence in San Remo. 

Laura possessed, he said, a genuine mania for owning, as well as making it possible for others to own, objects of rare interest and beauty. Almost up to the time of his death he carried on dealing with energy and enthusiasm, regarding his clients as his scholars; encouraging them to learn about the diverse objects he introduced into their homes.

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