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Lot 216

A Mughal-style enamelled and gilded glass flask probably a design from the Jodhpur collection by...

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Lot 216

A Mughal-style enamelled and gilded glass flask probably a design from the Jodhpur collection by...

Starting Bid: £420

Estimate: £600 - £800

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Lot 216


A Mughal-style enamelled and gilded glass flask

Probably a design from the Jodhpur collection by Fritz Heckert, Petersdorf, Germany, circa 1883,

Of globular form with a tall narrow neck widening to a ribbed neck with neck ring, the stopper of domed form with bud finial, the decoration cut and moulded and decorated with blue, green and red enamel and gold, the body with flowers highlighted with gold and silver, the shoulder and neck with bands of repeating leafs, the domed stopper with a vine on a green ground with pink glass finial, the base with collection inventory label,

22.6cm. high.

This lot presents as clean overall. The pigments, silver and gilt are strong overall showing very to no minimal losses. Under U. V the bottle shows extensive repaints to its flaring mouth and lid. It would account to approximately over 70% of the total area of those tow parts. The repaints may suggest skillful repairs and restoration and/or replacement of losses as those two parts of the bottle are the most handled. This lot remains otherwise very attractive with its vivid decoration.

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The distinctive combination of silver and gilt floral sprays around the circumference of the flask echoes the rosettes and drooping feathered leaves of a 17th century bidri flask in the British Museum. The blues, green and yellow of the enamelled surface decoration are paralleled in the 17th century enamelled pieces from the Nadir Shah booty. 

A very similar, though slightly smaller, flask sold at Sotheby's Arts of the Islamic world, 13 October 2004, Lot 122.

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