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Lot 341

Frank O. Salisbury, British 1874-1962 - Ten portraits: Hugh Bullock, worked on Wall Street,...

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Lot 341

Frank O. Salisbury, 
British 1874-1962 - 
Ten portraits: 
Hugh Bullock, worked on Wall Street,...

Price Realised: Unsold Lot

Estimate: £400 - £600

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Lot 341


Frank O. Salisbury, 
British 1874-1962 - 

Ten portraits: 
Hugh Bullock, worked on Wall Street, connected with the pilgrims trust?, son of Calvin Bullock; 
Mrs Joy Allpress, authority on antique and period decoration; 
Col. Robert James Blackham, army physician, barrister, author, political and Clark of the glaziers company (later Major General); 
Rev. Dr. Samuel Leslie Parke Cadman, leading American churchman, NBC religious broadcaster. Author, pastored central congregational church in Brooklyn, President of Federal council of churches of Christ, two; 
Rev Sidney Arthur Alexander, Canon of St Pauls Cathedral, painting commemorates 40 years of service with a study on reverse of the Rt Hon 7th Lord M ??, 1943; 
Bishop Asbury, aka 'The prophet of the Long Road led American Methodism from 1784, portrayed as though he was 39, 1957; 
Dr N.M. Butler, President of Columbia, Nobel peace Prize, President of Carnegie endowment for international peace, 1931; 
Steven Baker, Chairman of Manhattan Bank, 1931; 
Sir Charles John Bartlett, Chairman of Vauxhall Motors Ltd. Luton. Resident of Harpenden, Herts, 1954; 

chalk and pastel on paper,64.5 x 50.7 cm and smaller (unframed) (10) (ARR) 

The Walpole Society, donated by Philip Mould & Company on behalf of a private collector 

Frank O. Salisbury was one of the leading society portrait painters of his day. The son of a plumber and glazier, he was drawn to art at an early age and throughout his career painted many important figures in the cultural and political sphere, including Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Winston Churchill. His portraits of Dame Maud McCarthy and Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII) are currently on display as part of the inaugural display at the newly reopened National Portrait Gallery in London. Salisbury also painted large-scale ceremonial, historical and religious scenes, many of which are now in public collections. 

Salisbury painted in a classical but lively style, bringing his sitters to life while remaining vehemently opposed to modern methods. The works for sale with Roseberys include portraits of glamourous society figures, politicians, eminent businesspeople, and members of the aristocracy. Interesting examples include portraits of Will Keith Kellogg, founder of the eponymous cereal company, Her Highness the Ameera of Bhahwalpur and Mrs Dunlap Hopkins, President of the Women’s School of Design in New York. There is also a highly moving study of a Nurse in Wartime uniform. Alongside these portraits, there is also a collection of large-scale studies for religious scenes. 

These works have remained unseen for several decades and were recently donated to The Walpole Society by Philip Mould & Company on behalf of a private collector. 

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