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Lot 144

Prayers and excerpts from the Qur’an copied by ‘Omar ibn Hassan, Sudan,19th century, Arabic...

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Lot 144

Prayers and excerpts from the Qur’an copied by ‘Omar ibn Hassan, Sudan,19th century, Arabic...

Price Realised: £3,936

Estimate: £1,000 - £1,500

Price realised is hammer price plus fees (31.2% Buyers Premium inclusive of VAT).

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Lot 144


Prayers and excerpts from the Qur’an copied by ‘Omar ibn Hassan, Sudan,19th century, Arabic manuscript on paper, approx. 500ff., with 9-16ll of Sudani script per page, numerous minuscule interlinear and marginal annotations, loose in limp leather boards and folding wrapper with flap and tie, retaining hair,  with loosely inserted note “Copy of Koran - Given to the Hastings Museum by the late H. E. Dresser, the eminent ornithologist. Said to have been taken from a dead soldier at the Battle of Omdurman”, folio 23 x 17cm. 

The Battle of Omdurman was fought during the Anglo-Egyptian conquest of Sudan on 2nd September 1898.

Provenance: Bloomsbury Auctions, 09/07/2009, lot 30

Henry Eeles Dresser (1838-1915) was a prominent ornithologist. The reverse of the note is a printed invitation from the Committee of the Haslemere Educational Museum, inscribed to Mr Ruskin Butterfield. William Ruskin Butterfield was a curator of the Hastings Museum.



Buyer's Premium

The buyer shall pay the hammer price together with a premium thereon of 26% up to £20,000 (31.2% inclusive of VAT), 25% from £20,001 - £500,000 (30% inclusive of VAT), 20% from £500,001 thereafter (24% inclusive of VAT). The premium price is subject to VAT at the standard rate.

VAT is not charged on the hammer price unless it is stated that there is 'VAT applicable on the hammer price at the end of the description. Buyer's premium is subject to VAT.

Qualifying living artists and the descendants of artists deceased within the last 70 years are entitled to receive a re-sale royalty each time their work is bought through an auction house or art market professional.

It applies to lots with hammer value over £1,000 as follows:
0 to £50,000 - 4%
£50,000.01 to £200,000 - 3%
£200,000.01 to £350,000 - 1%
£350,000.01 to £500,000 - 0.5%
Exceeding £500,000 - 0.25%
ARR is capped at £12,500

Please note ARR is calculated in euros. Auctioneers will apply current exchange rates.

Export of goods

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