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Lot 97

Parashurama fighting the 1000-armed Arjuna Kartavirya, a folio from a Dashavatara series,...

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Lot 97

Parashurama fighting the 1000-armed Arjuna Kartavirya, a folio from a Dashavatara series,...

Price Realised: £4,680

Estimate: £1,000 - £2,000

Price realised is hammer price plus fees (30% Buyers Premium inclusive of VAT).

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Lot 97


Parashurama fighting the 1000-armed Arjuna Kartavirya, a folio from a Dashavatara series, Chamba, circa 1740, opaque pigments heightened with gold on paper, the two figures depicted on a dark red ground with tree to left, inscription in white and black above, red outer border, folio 15 x 20.2 cm; painting 10.4 x 15.5 cm. (VAT charged on hammer price)

Provenance: Private German Collection


Der Blaue Gott in indischen Miniaturen, Mittelrhein Museum, Koblenz, 26 July 5 October 2014


Habighorst, L.V., 'Der blaue Gott in indischen Miniaturen', Mittelrhein Museum, Koblenz, 2014, fig. 40

Vishnus incarnations on earth are always to rid it of some evil that threatened mankind. Parashurama (Rama with the axe) was the sixth avatar of Vishnu, incarnated as a Brahmin with the purpose of destroying the entire race of kshatriyas or warriors, who were abusing their power and tyrannising people. His father Jamadagni kept a miraculous cow, Surabhi, which was coveted by the 1000-armed demon king Arjuna Kartavirya. When Parashurama was away from his fathers house, the king made off with the cow. The enraged Parashurama followed them and cut off the kings thousand arms with his axe, before returning the cow (here seen fleeing on the horizon) to his father. Other such challenges followed and Parashurama ended up extirpating the entire class of warriors.

For similar series of the avatars of Vishnu, which were especially popular in Chamba, see Goswamy and Fischer 1992, pp. 174-85.


Goswamy, B.N., and Fischer, E., 'Pahari Masters: Court Painters of Northern India', Museum Rietberg, Zurich, 1992, Artibus Asiae Supplementum 38, reprint Niyogi Books, Delhi, 2009

Buyer's Premium

The buyer shall pay the hammer price together with a premium thereon of 26% up to £20,000 (31.2% inclusive of VAT), 25% from £20,001 - £500,000 (30% inclusive of VAT), 20% from £500,001 thereafter (24% inclusive of VAT). The premium price is subject to VAT at the standard rate.

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It applies to lots with hammer value over €1,000 as follows:
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€200,000.01 to €350,000 - 1%,
€350,000.01 to €500,000 - 0.5%
Exceeding €500,000 - 0.25%
ARR is capped at €12,500

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