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Lot 199

Harry Bertoia, born in a small village in Italy, moved to America at 15 to undertake...

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Lot 199

Harry Bertoia, born in a small village in Italy, moved to America at 15 to undertake...

Price Realised: £520

Estimate: £1,000 - £1,500

Price realised is hammer price plus fees (30% Buyers Premium inclusive of VAT).

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Lot 199


Harry Bertoia, born in a small village in Italy, moved to America at 15 to undertake studies in painting and drawing at the School of the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts. He went on to develop his style at the Cranbrook Academy of Art where in 1939 he was asked to reopen the schools metalworking shop.


As one of the most renowned American sculptors and furniture designers of the 20th century, Harry Bertoia started with jewellery then sculpture, he found a passion for monotype prints, a medium he came back to time and time again throughout his life. Bertoia would apply ink to a glass surface then place rice paper onto the glass, creating the images with his fingers and other pointed tools through the reverse of the paper, making each monotype a unique handcrafted piece. Notably Bertoia did not work with other print makers and did not receive much formal training. Harry Bertoia did not sign his works, as he believed his creativity derived from divine sources, or the great Oneness claiming that his art should not be prescribed to one man's name.


Harry Bertoia,

American 1915-1978-


Untitled (2248 & 276);


monotype on rice paper, two, both inscribed with number and one initialled in pencil, added later by Brigitta Bertoia, sheets 61 x 33.5cm and 60.5 x 22.5 (framed) (2)


Buyer's Premium

The buyer shall pay the hammer price together with a premium thereon of 26% up to £20,000 (31.2% inclusive of VAT), 25% from £20,001 - £500,000 (30% inclusive of VAT), 20% from £500,001 thereafter (24% inclusive of VAT). The premium price is subject to VAT at the standard rate.

VAT is not charged on the hammer price unless it is stated that there is 'VAT applicable on the hammer price at the end of the description. Buyer's premium is subject to VAT.

Qualifying living artists and the descendants of artists deceased within the last 70 years are entitled to receive a re-sale royalty each time their work is bought through an auction house or art market professional.

It applies to lots with hammer value over £1,000 as follows:
0 to £50,000 - 4%
£50,000.01 to £200,000 - 3%
£200,000.01 to £350,000 - 1%
£350,000.01 to £500,000 - 0.5%
Exceeding £500,000 - 0.25%
ARR is capped at £12,500

Please note ARR is calculated in euros. Auctioneers will apply current exchange rates.

Export of goods

Buyers intending to export goods should ascertain whether an export licence is required before bidding. Export licences are issued by Arts Council England and application forms can be obtained from its Export Licensing Unit. Details can be found on the ACE website or by phoning ACE on 020 7973 5188. The need for import licences varies from country to country and you should acquaint yourself with all relevant local requirements and provisions before bidding. The refusal of any such licences shall not permit the cancelling of any sale nor allow any delay in making full payment for the lot.

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