Professional Services

Roseberys Auctioneers London Offer a Full Valuation Service
Roseberys have a long history of providing confidential valuations to a range of corporate clients.

Our formal valuation service is a core part of our business and we are able to offer clients a quick, efficient and reliable service.

Undertaken by our senior valuers and experts, we also have the experience and expertise of our network of in-house specialists and consultants to draw upon to ensure we can provide the most accurate open market or replacement value.

All valuations are submitted both electronically in a digital format and by post, and include an inventory of items in their category and location order. Valuations can be submitted with or without item images, in accordance with your preference.

Probate and Family Division Valuations

Roseberys understand that for all manner of reasons probate and family division valuations are required and we offer a sensitive, fast and comprehensive service. Working with solicitors, executors and directly with families, we provide a high level of professional service aimed at making the process easier for all those involved.
Additional copies of the valuation report can be sent to all parties involved at your request.

Insurance Valuations

Knowing the market value of your items gives you  peace of mind that they are fully insured in the event or loss, damage or theft, as well as ensuring a quick settlement against a claim.

Insurers require specialist valuations for fine art and antique single items, collections, or large estates, and Roseberys team of senior valuers will work with you to ensure our service is tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Roseberys offer a comprehensive and competitively priced service to all our clients, whether you are a private individual, a museum or corporate client with a collection.

House Clearance

In addition to our valuation services Roseberys work with a specialist fine art mover to offer a quick and efficient full or partial house clearance service for our clients.
For more details about our valuation services or about house clearances please contact Maria Zuccon at or on +44 (0)20 8761 2522.