Roseberys Introducing 2017

14 May 2017

Now in its third year Roseberys Introducing is a young concept from Roseberys London, where the experts look to emerging and established creative talent for inspiration of what is to come. We are thrilled to once again be teaming up with Artist’s Open House for the 2017 Dulwich Festival.
This year Roseberys London present an exhibition showcasing a tantalising selection of twelve artists plucked from the participating postcodes. Giving local artists the opportunity to exhibit alongside one another in the ground floor gallery space for two weeks. Dulwich Festival is an annual series of cultural events that take place each May, hosting music, theatre, gala evenings, exhibitions and more; the area bursts with life as visitors are
attracted from across the capital.
Artist’s Open House, is the main arts event for the festival with over 250 artists throwing their home and studio doors open to the public to view their latest works.

There are seven South London postcodes covered in the event with works ranging from photography to textiles design.
We are delighted to present twelve artists from the surround area in the latest Roseberys Introducing.



Stephane loves books, for their content but sometimes just for what they look like.

Transforming them into something that will tell a completely different story is what motivates him.

Home Tweet Home
35 x 26 x 17cm

Don’t even think about it
19 x 27 x 19cm


Richard has been designing and making furniture in East Dulwich for eighteen years. His work ranges from small cabinets to fitted wardrobes. He often uses Formica with solid wood such as black walnut and oak.

Walnut & white laminate cabinet
54 x 43 x 36cm

Walnut & Red laminate sideboard
111 x 57 x 40cm


Brilliant Neon designs and retails a unique range of affordable real glass neon signs for the home and business. Their ethos is that they want everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty, craftsmanship and fun that traditional glass neon lighting can offer. Their collection has been creatively constructed with a desire to spread happiness through artworks that bring a smile and embrace a sense of fun.

Neon glass
90 x 50 x 12cm
Neon glass

70 x 30 x 12cm
Neon glass

50 x 50 x 12cm


Ruth Stage paints the landscape with her unique interpretation of the medium ‘egg tempera’. Moments in time are conveyed with veils of colour and a symphony of mark making. These are watery worlds with atmosphere and space a-plenty.

Beachlife Croatia
Egg tempera on white gesso
100 x 120cm


Sally, from County Armagh, Northern Ireland, set up her business from her home in south east London in 2009 but, is now based in Norwich, Norfolk. She studied MA Fashion at the Royal College of Art and has designed for, amongst others, Levi’s and M&S. Sally machine knits her high quality, handmade toys, homewares and accessories from British spun lambswool. The simplified graphic and pictorial patterns combined with her use of colour provide an element of fun which runs throughout her products. Her love of vintage toys – especially the imagery and colours of early Galt and Abbatt wooden puzzles and picture card games is a predominant
influence in her work.

Various sizes
Blankets £35
Toys £16 – £40


James’ ceramics explore how the surface of each slipcast piece becomes a unique expression of dynamic colour and movement. Pieces range from small functional wear to larger, more decorative work.
Tall vases
21.5 x 8.5cm
Wide vase
20 x 20cm


Tony was born in 1958 and studied at Goldsmiths College between 1979 – 82. His work has been widely exhibited at galleries such as Paton, Flowers and Redfern. He lives and works in South London.

Guinea Pig

Acrylic on canvas
101 x 76cm


Through Rowena’s sculptures of archetypal buildings and houses she explores themes of self, isolation and community. Over the years Rowena has developed an approach to decoration and firing that results in multi-layered surfaces. While alluding to environmental damage and abandonment, this also creates a visual interest to draw the onlooker in.The sculptures show a real and implied history acquired by their passage through the ceramic process. Yet they exhibit a stillness and a solitude. They become objects for reminiscence and contemplation. Her work has been featured in publications including The Telegraph, The Guardian, Ceramic Review, House and Garden, Oh Comely, Coast, Homes and Garden

Ceramic Sculptures
Set of four houses 11cm high £450
Set of four houses 10cm high £325
Set of four houses 7 cm high £295
White house on rock 20cm high £250
Green house on rock 18cm high £225


Camilla paints the edges of forests, the boarders of the sea and sky, and the play of surface and depth in reflections in water. Camilla’s subjects are familiar and recognisable, but open to interpretation. In painting Camilla can visualise what is glimpsed in nature and convey what is felt, the unspoken. In Camilla’s work, the layer of mist or dusk can be unnerving or uncertain. There is a mystery to the dark and dim lighting. Camilla tries to paint a silence and stillness that you can lose yourself in.

Loch Long
Oil on canvas
51.5 x 46cm


Since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts ( University of the Arts, London ), Lucy has set up and now manages BAINBRIDGE PRINT STUDIO, where she provides studio spaces and Open Access facilities. She is frequently called upon to fulfil commissions and is an established artist in her own right, having exhibited at many prestigious galleries in London, the United Kingdom and abroad.

Farmata 3 – Haywood Gallery
Screen print on Graphite
Framed with non-reflective
glass £370
Framed normal glass £335
Unframed £245

Farmata 2 – Battersea Power Station
Screen print on Graphite
Framed with non-reflective
glass £370
Framed normal glass £335
Unframed £245

London Bridge
Screen print on Graphite
Framed with non-reflective
glass £285
Framed with normal glass £265
Unframed £195


Leonieke, a Dutch born artist, has been living and working in the UK for the past 30 years. Leonieke studied fashion in the 1980’s at art college in Arnhem. After graduating, she worked for a short period in Paris for an international trend forecasting company, creating mood-boards and styling books for the fashion and textile industry. Moving to the UK, Leonieke joined a graphic design company, working across a broad spectrum of projects relating to the fashion industry. This background was the catalyst that launched her on an artistic journey from commercial work, to pursue a career in fine art.

Collage & Stitch
70 x 100cm £650

Collage, punch & stitch
70 x 100cm £650


Daniel Byrne works breathes life into the macabre, reimagining vintage butterfly displays as cruelty free paper art. Replacing uniformity with a chaotic sense of movement to create hand cut compositions that appear to be breaking free of their frames.Daniel’s additional work of fish and bird pieces explore the movement and energy found when a large number of them naturally appear together. Capturing the movement and synchronicity from a single moment in time.

Metallic card / monochrome print

Night Flight
50 x 45cm

Bell Jar
22 x 40cm