'Why I love sculptures' - Vicki Wonfor

31/07/2020     Modern & Contemporary British Art, News Stories & Press Release

Ahead of the upcoming Modern & Contemporary Art auction on Tuesday 11 August, Vicki Wonfor, Joint Managing Director of Roseberys discusses her love of sculpture.

Here she picks her favourites from the sale. 

My guilty pleasure is sculpture. I love the tactile nature of them. Sculptures are typically made of hard and strong material and quite often intended for installation outdoors and there is something very satisfying about appreciating the cool hard curves of a marble sculpture and imagining how the artist chiselled the surface with his own hands and appreciating the immense amount of hard work, dedication and time that went into it’s production. 

Sculpture in an outdoor setting looks stunning, and it doesn’t have to be reserved for large gardens or public areas. It provides an amazing focal point in a garden, adding interest and contrast to the flora and fauna that surrounds it.


Iain Nutting, British b.1961- Giraffe Drinking, 2011-12; cast iron sculpture


We have three really fun sculptures by Iain Nutting in the upcoming sale, lots 173-175, a giraffe, crane and antelope made in cast iron. You can just imagine them poking out of some long grass of from behind a tree or by a pond in your garden. Nutting was an assistant to Anthony Gormley, and trained as a conservation technician at the Tate Gallery, as well as working on the Royal Collection restoration projects at Windsor Castle and for the V&A. With estimates in the mid hundreds it’s a great opportunity to buy sculpture from a well established and recognised artist that is accessible for anyone’s home or garden.

There are so many materials that are involved in the production of sculpture but for me I like the use of traditional materials in a modern manner. Bronze for example. Bronze can have so many different patinas, as a chemical solution is used to react with the surface to form a thin layer of colour corrosion the outcome will never be identical regardless of if the work is an edition, and some of the colours can be stunning.

This work is titled Composition 3, 1992. Robert Marsden, British b.1947- Geometric forms on a irregular-shaped base; patinated bronze


A work like lot 177 Composition 3 by Robert Marsden which is a table top sized sculpture is a perfect example of this. The carefully composed mottled greens and browns that sit on the elegant and minimalist forms is subtle but eye catching. This work reminds me of a Japanese garden with its simplicity and structure, I am very drawn to anything Japanese as I love the tranquillity and elegance. This may or may not be what the artist had in mind when he conceived this piece but that is the great thing about art, it speaks to each of us in different ways and there is no right or wrong. Marsden has exhibited internationally and his work can be found in the Crafts Council Collection, London; Birmingham Museum & City Art Gallery; Shipley Art Gallery; Sheffield Assay Office; and the National Gallery of Australia.

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi CBE RA, Scottish 1924-2005- Copulating Grasshoppers; cast plaster and blue wash



Paolozzi Studio | National Galleries of Scotland


I studied History of Art at the University of St Andrews and would often visit the National Gallery in Edinburgh. Here is housed the studio of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi which I used to love to visit and stand for hours looking at all the plaster maquettes. Now and many years later I am lucky enough to sometimes come across similar examples by the artist that we offer for auction. Paolozzi had a varied and playful interest in a broad range of subjects and in the forthcoming sale we have 5 lots 167-171 of maquettes varying from a depiction of Newton, to a Totem pole and Copulating grasshoppers!


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