Triumph for Modern & Contemporary Indian Art

12/10/2015     News Stories & Press Release, Islamic & Indian Art

London –Roseberys London’s anticipated third specialist Islamic & Indian auction saw exceptional results and fierce bidding for the 32 Modern & Contemporary Indian paintings featured in the auction. The selection of paintings were from some of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India’s successful modern and contemporary artists, including Jatin Das, Satish Gujral, Dhiraj Choudhury, Kanak Chanpa Chakma and Ahmed Parvez prompted widespread interest from Indian art collectors and private clients, resulting in 26 paintings being sold.

Lot 253, Ahmed Parvez ‘Diptych’ Sold for: £6,150The highest grossing painting was an oil on canvas by Ahmed Parvez entitled ‘Diptych’. The celebrated Pakistani Modernist artist has gained critical acclaim throughout Europe, America and his native Pakistan for his vibrant mixed media pieces. During his time living and working in London from 1955 to 1964, Parvez founded the Pakistan Group in London with an aim to combine London’s artistic developments with his Modernist style and Pakistani heritage. His art created during his time in London highlight the combination of these Eastern and Western styles, a clear example is the effervescent oil on canvas ‘Diptych’. The successful bid came from a UK buyer. It was sold for £6,150. [Lot 253].

The award winning Indian painter, architect, graphic designer and sculptor Satish Gujral was also a prevalent auction highlight. Gujral began his career after receiving a sought after scholarship in 1952 to study at the Nationale de Belles Artes, Mexico. His studies developed into an apprenticeship opportunity with the famed artists Diego Rivera and David Sequeiros which helped develop his artistic style into painting and also sculpture. A noteworthy influence on Gujral’s early art was the partition of India, he was shocked and deeply affected by the experiences of the immigrants effected, he choose to express his views through his paintings, graphics and sculptures. Tackling this subject matter through artistic forms saw his popularity grow, from 1952 to 1974 he held exhibitions in cities all over the world, such as New York, Berlin, Tokyo and New Delhi. Furthermore, Gujral’s architectural endeavours lead to his design of the Belgium Embassy in New Delhi being awarded one of the most impressive buildings constructed in the 20th century.

Popular culture has often focused on Gujral’s life and art with multiple documentaries being produced. Gujral’s own book “A Brush with Life” was developed into a documentary in 2012 due to popularity. Needless to say, his art forms receive vast attention when offered on the open market, Gujral’s burnt wood mixed media sculpture, ‘Untitled’ attracted fierce interest with the successful buyer bidding on the phone from overseas and eventually purchasing the piece for £5,166. [Lot 259]

Three paintings featured and successfully sold in the auction by the Bangladesh artist Kanak Chanpa Chakma which solidified her growing international popularity. Her depiction of the lives of ethnic minorities in Bangladesh, particularly the lives of women, have obtained her national and international acclaim. Chakma describes her birthplace and tribal Chakma heritage as influencing the subject matter of her art, expressing her relationship with her culture and ancestors. Subsequently she credits Paul Gauguin as influencing her artistic style.

Chakma frequently dedicates her solo exhibitions to her Chakma community, in 2014 at an exhibition in Dhaka Bangladesh, she paid tribute to her heritage with over 80 paintings. This relationship can be seen throughout her art, especially through the three paintings sold during the auction. The three lots each sold above estimate and were eventually bought after some competition by the same international private collector, a highlight entitled “From the Yellow Hill”, oil on canvas, signed and dated 2004 sold above the original £150-200 estimate for £390.60. [Lot 242]

The auction was held on Tuesday 6 October 2015, and full results can be found online at



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