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29/06/2016     News Stories & Press Release, Antiquities

Wednesday 29 June 2016, 10am


Roseberys London Fine Art Auctioneers are continuing to develop their programme of specialist auctions throughout 2016; and this June is no exception. Alongside a vast array of curated Asian Arts and Fine Art, including an inaugural section dedicated to Modern Sculpture, Roseberys London are presenting a niche but rapidly growing market for Tribal Arts.

Tribal Art has continued to grow in popularity over the past 15 years, and 2014 saw record sales at auction achieving £73 Million which demonstrates the upward trajectory of this fascinating market.
Why are tribal arts so popular?
Because the market can be split into two classifications. The decorative; which were made towards the end of the 19th Century to sell to outsiders, and the true collector’s pieces which were made by tribes to use in rituals and ceremonies. It is the latter that has ignited the market, and can easily command prices of up £1m for a single piece.

Most tribes ceased to make for their own use after the 1930s so it is the earlier pieces that are most sought after. Because of the rarity of these objects, it keeps the market niche but strong.
Because there is no, one artist or known group of artists that are accredited to the works, objects are unique and come in all sizes and made from a variety of materials. There are no specific rules on design - however, studies are now being carried out to identify specific schools of artist and even specific makers; Again showing that this market is being taken more seriously with each year.

Tribal Arts feature in the Works of Art & Collectibles section on Day Two of the Fine Art Auction which starts at 11.30am.

Roseberys London has over forty selected objects to offer, with Lots 980 1022 coming from a private collation of Tribal Art acquired from the mid-1980s onwards, acquired in Paris, France.

A particular piece of interest from this collection is Lot 984

An Ashanti Female Fertility Figure (Akua Ba), with a disk form head pierced in three areas with coloured beads to each piercing, with elongated brow and horizontal facial markings, the neck of ringed form with stylised body, 36cm high

Akua Ba are used in a variety of contexts; primarily, however, they are consecrated by priests and carried by women who hope to conceive a child. The flat disk form head is considered an ideal in Ashanti beauty and represents a practise of gently flattening a child's soft cranial bones when the person is young.

The flattened shape of the sculpture also serves a practical purpose, since women carry the figures against their backs wrapped in their skirt, evoking the manner that infants are carried.
Estimate £100 - £200

Further highlights from the auction include the following Lots:

Lot 1001
A tribal mask in the form of a Rabbit, Dogon, early 20th century, carved with elongated curving ears with a rectangular block face and round ears, painted and decorated with black and white pigmentation, 88cm high [Lot 1001]
Estimate £800 - £1200

Lot 1013
A Mumuye fragmentary tribal figure of a standing man, of elongated form with ring necklace above elongated body and gently rounded arms, with single leg, 95cm high
[Lot 1013]
Estimate £300 - £500

Lot 1018
An Igbo tribal mask, early 20th century, modelled with a square ridge to nose and central face, with rectangular apertures for eyes, painted with sections in black and white colouration, 34cm high [Lot 1018]
Estimate £400 - £600

Lot 1016
A Punu finial figure head, modelled with a stylised headdress, the face with elongated eyes and smiling lips, with white and black pigment to the body, on perspex stand, 23cm high. [Lot 1016]
Estimate £300-400


Lot 1019
A Luba tribal figure of a man, early 20th century, with shaped head and oval eyes, above rounded shoulders and elongated arms, with red and black pigmentation to surfaces, on later stand, 15cm high. [Lot 1019]

Estimate £600 - £1000

The Fine Art Auction takes place over Tuesday 28 & Wednesday 29 June, at the South London salerooms.
Day One comprises of Fine Eurpean Ceramics, Jewllery, Silver, Modern & Contemporary Sculpture, Paintings, Prints & Watercolours.

Day Two comprises of Antique Picture Frames, Works of Art & Collectibles feat. Tribal Arts, Antique Furniture & Rugs, Asian Arts.

The Tribal Art section starts at 11.30am


For further information on any of the lots listed please contact Mark Longley +44 (0) 20 8761 2522
For further press information or images please contact our Press Office +44 (0) 20 8761 2522

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