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10/10/2019     News Stories & Press Release, Islamic & Indian Art

Roseberys spoke with a group of rising Middle Eastern artists to learn about their five favourite lots from the upcoming Islamic & Indian Art auction on Tuesday 22 October.


Adnan Samman
Adnan Samman

Meet our first taste-marker Adnan Samman ( @the_post_modern_apollo @adnansamman93 @syriabefore2011 )

Adnan is a Syrian visual artist and musician residing and working in Budapest, Hungary. His practice searches for beauty in contrast by crafting collages that mix the melancholy of the Middle East with nostalgia in a contemporary model. Adnan's work has crossed borders to reach cities such as London, Palermo, Cairo, Berlin and Amman. His visual approach was praised by key figures in the creative community, including head of Central Saint Martins: British architect Jeremy Till.

See Adnan’s picks from left to right 

1. Lot 186: An exceptionally rare Laqabi polychrome ceramic dish, Syria, circa 1200-1250
2. Lot 23 : A rare Mesapotamian limestone figure of a recumbant bull, early Bronze age, mid-3rd millenium B.C.
3. Lot 347 : An Avadh lady with her attendant holding a hookah on a palace terrace, Murshidabad, 1760-70
4. Lot 160 : A large cockerel headed painted pottery ewer in the Seljuk-style, Iran, 19th century
5. Lot 215 : A portrait of a bearded European in Ottoman or Greek dress, 19th century, oil on canvas



Audrée Anid


Audrée Anid

Meet Audrée Anid (@audreejanid

Audrée Anid is a Lebanese/American mixed-media artist whose work spans photography, painting, and printmaking. Audrée was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and grew up in the Bronx, New York. She has exhibited at Photoville NYC at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Humble Arts Foundation, The Beirut Contemporary Global Art Fair, The National Association of Women Artists, Brooklyn Fire Proof East Gallery, and Space Womb Gallery, among others. Recent exhibitions include Arts Suzhou, in Suzhou, China and Equity Gallery in New York. She is based in Brooklyn, New York and Beirut, Lebanon.

See Audrée’s picks from left to right. 
1.  Lot 39 : An ancient gold ring with pear-shaped red glass stone, 6th-4th century BC.
2.  Lot 158 : A blue black and white Kashan pottery bowl, Iran, circa 1220
3.  Lot 240 : A Qajar portrait of a lady with cat, Iran, circa 1850, in an arched frame
4.  Lot 409 : A painting of a princess admiring herself in a mirror, Guler, circa 1750
5.  Lot 211 : A Susani embroidered panel, Central Asia,19th century


   Farima Fooladi


Farima Fooladi

Meet Iranian artist Farima Fooladi (@farimafooladi)

Farima Fooladi was born in Tehran, Iran. She is currently living in the United States creating paintings in her Studio in Houston, Texas. She is an Artist in residence at the Box13 ArtSpace. Her works include commentary on imagery, themes, symbols, and stories from Iranian visual and literature. Her recent research topic has been collective trauma and its long effect on cultures. She is fascinated by the lasting impact of collective trauma caused by Invasion, Migration and displacement. Farima’s seventh solo show is coming up on December 2019 at the Heidi Vaughan Fine Art.  In her recent works “ Reimagining My City” she is addressing displacement, delved into different historical and emotional layers of public spaces and memory. 

See Farima’s picks from left to right. 

1. Lot 204 :  Portrait of a handsome youth, Safavid Iran, mid-late 17th century, gouache heightened with gold on paper
2. Lot 244 : A pair of Qajar lacquered book bindings, Iran, 19th century, of rectangular form
3. Lot 254 : A Qajar painting of gul 'o bul tree with nightingales, Iran, 19th century, gouache on paper
4. Lot 505 : Khosrow Hassanzadeh (b. 1963) Untitled, 2006, mixed media, acrylic with hand-colouring on brown paper
5. Lot 507 :  A.A. Khan, Bombay school, Untitled, Cows and Cowherds, circa 1965, oil on canvas




Beya Khalifa Beya Khalifa 


Meet Egyptian artist Beya Khalifa (@beyakhalifa)

The universe is an absurd place where anything and everything can happen. Beya’s surreal digital collages seamlessly layer snippets of different worlds to create (space) portals into all of them. Kitsch and Orientalism are cheekily repurposed to reflect our weird, wonderful, and whimsical world. Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Beya navigates the very loud metropolis in a state of perpetual fantasy. 

1.  Lot 481 : A mother-of-pearl powder flask, Gujarat, Western India, 18th/19th century
2.  Lot 263 : Four deeply carved tiles, Iran, 19th century, the largest of rectangular form
3.  Lot 154 : A pair of gold earrings depicting fertility icons, Iran, 10th century
4.  Lot 165 : A large silver inlaid brass bird incense burner, Khorasan-style, 20th century
5.  Lot 186 : An exceptionally rare Laqabi polychrome ceramic dish, Syria, circa 1200-1250 .

Find Beya's picks from left to right 






You can preview selected Islamic & Indian Art highlights before the auction at the Clubhouse. 
8 St James's Square, St. James's, London SW1Y 4JU

Thursday 17 October 12.00 noon - 5.00 pm 
Friday 18 October 10.00 am - 4.00 pm 

Viewing times at Roseberys 
Sunday 20 October 10.00 am - 4.00 pm 
Monday 21 October 9.30 am - 5.30 pm
Tuesday 22 October 9.30 am - 10.30 am 

Auction : Tuesday 22 October, 10.30 am

Contact Head of Department Alice Bailey for more information






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