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17/03/2020     News Stories & Press Release, Old Master & 19th Century Pictures

For this edition of #Take5 Roseberys spoke with a group of creatives from various locations to learn about their five favourite lots from the upcoming Old Master, 18th & 19th Century Pictures auction on Thursday 4 June, 2020 at 1 pm. 


Albertina Campbell

Albertina Campbell (@thegallerypeeper)

Meet Albertina an artist and aspiring writer from London, UK. With a BA in Fine Art specialising in painting, she recently started a blog early this year titled ‘the gallery peeper’ which will focus solely on exhibition reviews, art criticism and visual culture. She currently works for a luxury start-up called The Restory (Client Liaison), who specialise in the aftercare of handbags, shoes and leather goods and has previously worked for Burberry, Selfridges and Apple. She began her journey into the art sector working as an intern at Contini Contemporary and then eventually went on to work for Frieze. She is currently undertaking a short course in The History of Western Art at Sotheby’s Institute in London, as well as volunteering at Camden Arts Centre as part of their front of house team where she has been for the past year. Using her experiences as a platform to build her career in the art world.

Here is her list of her 5 favourite artworks from the 18th & 19th Century Pictures Catalogue 

 woodcut on wove

Lot 86: Albrecht Dürer, German 1471-1528- The Betrothal of the Virgin, [Hollstein VII 156.194], c.1504; woodcut on wove.


Lot 239: Neapolitan School, early 19th century- The Bay of Naples with Vesuvius erupting at night; oil on canvas.


Lot 355: L M Roth, German, late 19th/early 20th century- Portrait of a man, quarter-length turned to the left in a black coat and white stock; oil on canvas.


Lot 160 : Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Italian 1720-1778- The Gothic Arch, plate 14 from Carceri d’Invenzioni,, (Imaginary Prisons), [Wilton-Levy 39], 1761; etching and engraving, on heavy ivory laid paper, plate.


Lot 203: Sir David Wilkie RA, Scottish 1785-1841- Sketch for the painting The Peep O'Day Boys Cabin in the West of Ireland; pen and brown ink.


Reuben Higgins  

Reuben Higgins ( @reubarchi )

Meet Reuben, a passionate designer and young art collector with a great interest in vernacular architecture and conservation.  His eye for design manifests itself in multiple ways and the collection of early 19th century pieces is one of them.  Now coming to the end of his degree in Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, once he graduates he will start to work at a leading classical architecture firm in London.  

Find out what his top five picks were here.


Lot 117 : Follower of Barent Gael, Dutch c.1630/35-1698- Horsemen and dogs chasing a stag; oil on canvas

Portrait of a woman
Lot 136 : Circle of Jonathan Richardson, British 1665-1745- Portrait of a lady half-length in a yellow and pink dress and blue shall; oil on canvas

After George Romney, British

Lot 164 : After George Romney, British 1734-1802- Portrait of John Smith; oil on canvas

Thomas J Horsley, British

Lot 176 : Thomas J Horsley, British, early-mid 19th century- Portrait of a gentleman quarter-length in red tunic, turned to the left; watercolour

Lot 240 : Neapolitan School, mid-late 19th century Views of the Bay of Naples at night; gouache

  marco mansi

Marco Mansi (@marco_mansi)

Marco Mansi is an Italian art historian and curator. Besides the art world, his expertise extends to different creative fields, including fashion, interiors and publishing. He works for galleries and important cultural institutions, such as the National Museum of Capodimonte in Naples. He also collaborates with international photography magazines, the likes of Cabana and The World of Interiors. His aesthetic finds further expression in an Instagram feed (@marco_mansi). Mixing different references, Marco defines there a visual language which is classic, refined and timeless.

Here he picks his top 5 lots. 

Lot 160 : Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Italian 1720-1778- The Gothic Arch, plate 14 from Carceri d’Invenzioni,, (Imaginary Prisons), [Wilton-Levy 39], 1761; etching and engraving


Lot 181 : Circle of George William Sartorius, British 1759-1828- Still life of peaches on a tray; oil on canvas

Napoli sunset

Lot 240 : Neapolitan School, mid-late 19th century Views of the Bay of Naples at night; gouache, 18x24cm: together with five other Neapolitan studies of Vesuvius erupting or smoking, various sizes

oil painting of flowers

Lot 272 :Jean-Baptiste Robie, Belgian 1821-1910- Flowers in an ornamental urn; oil on panel



Lot 306 : Henry Stanier, British fl. 1847-1892- The Alhambra Palace in Grenada; watercolour over traces of pencil

 roland beafre

Roland Beaufre (roland_beaufre)

Meet Roland Beaufre, a French photographer who has collaborated with renown magazines such as The World of Interiors, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Vogue since 1979. He has also been featured in a number of books since 1990 including Flammorion and Khbarbladna. You can see all his wonderful work via his Instagram and website here. 

Here he picks his top 5 lots from the upcoming sale.


Lot 2 : English School, late 16th century- Portrait miniature of Mary Queen of Scots, (1542-1587), half-length turned to the left in a black dress and white ruff, oval, in a glazed ebonised oval frame with gilded sight, 5x4.3cm

Lot 4 : Circle of Isaac Oliver, English c.1556-1617- Portrait miniature of a lady, traditionally held to be Bridget Hussey (1525-1601), sister of Sir Charles Morison, Countess of Sussex, half-length turned to the left, wearing a necklace, diadem and hair ornament, court dress with lace ruff, oval, inscribed on the reverse, in gold script against a pale blue ground, oval, in a glazed oval silver frame, 5.5x4cm.


Lot 17 : Circle of Thomas Forster, British act c.1690-1713- Portrait miniature of a lady, quarter-length turned to the left, wearing a dress with lace collar, plumbago on vellum, oval, in a glazed oval ebonized frame, 9.5x7.5cm

Lot 36 : William Bate, British 1759-1845- Portrait miniature after a self-portrait by Sir Anthony Van Dyck, coloured enamel, oval, signed and dated 1832 on verso, 7.2x5.8cm (unframed)

Lot 43 : Circle of Jeremiah Steele, British c.1780-c.1826- Portrait miniature of a young British officer, possibly militia, half-length turned to the right, wearing red uniform with yellow facings, white shoulder belt and silver shoulder belt plate and epaulettes, against a blue and cloudy sky background, in a glazed oval gilt frame with locket back enclosing plaited hair, 6x5cm





Viewing times 

Friday 20 March 9.00 am - 5.30 pm 

Sunday 22 March 10am-2pm

Monday 23 March 9.30am-5.30pm

Tuesday 24 March 9.30am-5.30pm

Wednesday 25 March 9.30am-12.30pm


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