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14/05/2021     Professional Services & Valuations

Restoring a painting

Image via Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration

Insurance valuations are a sensible way of keeping a detailed inventory of your antiques and works of art. In case of damaged, theft it is helpful to have an up-to-date record which can prevent difficult arguments with loss adjusters in the event of a claim. Rosebery’s insurance valuations are accepted by all the leading insurance companies and brokers. Values for insurance are usually based on retail replacement and we recommend to re-visited if not re-assessed your valuation every 2 years.

Clients are provided with a typed and bound valuation listing all items of note and giving an overall value of the entire contents of the house. Digital images can be included in the valuation if requested. With a full team of specialists, we are in a position to provide valuations for everything from a single item to the contents of major estates.

Insurance valuations reflect the cost of replacement after loss or damage. Roseberys can provide an open market valuation of your artworks, antiques and jewellery ensuring that you are neither under insured or over insured to avoid any unrealistic premium payments and subsequent disputes should a claim arise. To ensure that the value of your items reflect current market conditions, we can review valuations annually so that replacement costs reflect changing market values. In certain areas such as Asian art, contemporary art and jewellery there can be a considerable swing in value. Our valuations are accepted by insurance companies and brokers providing the confidence of a full and speedy settlement for any loss. Valuations can be provided on single items or we can provide a detailed and illustrated inventory of art, antiques and jewellery to include information about age, size, provenance or other facts that may be helpful for the insurer to know.

For over 30 years Rosebery’s have carried out valuations for insurance purposes for private clients, solicitors, executors, trustees. We endeavour to approach every valuation with professionalism and discretion and we regard confidentiality as paramount. Written valuations form an important part of our business and are usually carried out by a director or senior specialist. Charges are agreed in advance and are calculated on a time basis.

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