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Roseberys presents the 26th auction of the calendar year – Fine & Decorative Art on Thursday 21 July. The sale includes Dutch Delftware, engraved glassware, marble sculpture, and several large and impressive pieces of silver.


Anna Evans, Head of the department commented: ‘With over 600 lots across an enormous range of works of art, silver, ceramics, clocks and furniture, the 21 July Fine & Decorative sale offers pieces across all price points and styles.  From contemporary silver such as the Asprey silver dish (£2000-3000) to early sculpture like the 16th century Italian walnut Madonna and Child, the sale presents beautiful objects for your interior.’


Lot 262: A Sèvres pink-ground broth-bowl, cover and stand, c.1760


Lot 262 is a Sèvres pink-ground broth-bowl including cover and stand. The set is dated to 1760 and comes with an estimate of £3000-£5000. Each piece is decorated with two cartouches edged with gilt scrolls and foliage, painted with pastoral vignettes. The style is traditionally associated with the factory artist André-Vincent Vielliard Père, active at Vincennes and Sèvres between 1752 and 1790. Similar pastoral scenes can be seen on a 1766 cup and saucer set now held in the Wallace Collection in London. The stand is 22.7cm wide, the écuelle 17cm.



Lot 233 : "The King Edward Cup", an engraved glass two-handled cup celebrating the coronation of Edward VIII, by Thomas Goode & Co Ltd, 1937


Lot 233 is “The King Edward Cup” – an engraved glass two-handled cup celebrating the coronation of Edward VIII. The object was produced by Thomas Goode & Co Ltd in 1937 and comes with an estimate of £2000 to £3000. Engraved into the glass are the crowned cypher of Edward VIII and the inscription: THE CORONATION OF EDWARD VIII, KING EMPEROR, MAY 12TH 1937 / ACCESSION JANUARY 20TH 1936 / BY EARTH, SEA OR AIR / OUR KING LEADS US THE WAY / AS FRIENDS OF HIS PEOPLE / THEY CROWN HIM TO DAY / BIRTH JUNE 23RD 1894. The hollow stem encloses a coin on a square foot engraved with lion masks and inscriptions for the nations of the United Kingdom. Just 42 of these vases were made (as referenced in an underside description) and this item is number 31. The cup is 29cm high and 21cm wide.


Lot 253: A pewter-mounted Dutch Delft blue and white money-box, third quarter 18th century


The Dutch Delft blue and white money-box (Lot 253) made in the third quarter of the 18th Century comes with an estimate of £1500 to £2500 and is a particularly rare piece given the damage most money-boxes sustain when used. The box is in campana vase form and painted with a continuous landscape including acrobatic figures (possibly referenced from Commedia dell’Arte). The domed top has a striped knob finial with a foliage mount, and the domed foot is edged with a mount tooled with meandering foliage. The item stands at 18.5cm.


Lot 292: An Italian marble model of a seated nude, c.1900


 Lot 292 is an Italian marble seated nude, made at the turn of the 20th Century. The figure is posed on a waisted oval plinth base with waves lapping at her feet. The style is typical of the figural sculptures made during the Belle Epoche in France as well as Italy. It stands at 89cm high and has an estimate of £1500 to £2500.



 Lot 354 : A Charles II needlework picture probably depicting King Soloman and the Queen of Sheba, third quarter 17th century,


Lot 354 is a Charles II needlework picture from the third quarter of the 17th Century, likely depicting King Soloman and the Queen of Sheba (indicated by ‘THE QVIN OF SABIE’ embroidered into the design). The King is seated beneath a canopy with the Queen kneeling surrounded by attending figures. The lower border features figures on horseback with the top and sides populated by illustrated animals and birds. This Restoration-era work would have been quite the conversation piece, and measures 55 by 59 cm. It comes with an estimate of £1000 to £1500.


Lot 541: An Italian gilt wood cassone, late 17th/early 18th century


The Italian gilt wood cassone of Lot 541 dates from the late 17th or early 18th century, and measures 60cm high, 115cm wide, and 50cm deep. The Lot comes with an estimate of £800 to £1200. The top panel is hand-painted with two dragons within an intricately carved border. To the side are two further dragons adorning a heart-shaped crest, and at its front we see a scene of Saint George on horseback, slaying a fifth dragon. Cassones like this were typically associated with marriage trunks and were decorated with romantic, mythical, or family-heritage themes.


Lot 120:  A 17th century German silver parcel gilt tankard, Augsburg, maker's mark MB conjoined, possibly Melchior Bayr or Mathias Bregel, c.1635


Lot 120 is a 17th Century German silver parcel gilt tanker made in Augsburg (the capital of this kind of work during this period) around 1630. The maker’s mark ‘MB’ suggests the maker was perhaps either Melchior Bayr or Mathias Bregel. The tanker is a beautiful example of 17th Century German silver craftsmanship and features a globular body chased with floral motifs on a raised circular foot with scroll handle. Bifurcated thumbpiece, and knopped finial. It is a ‘ladies’ tankard: a smaller and daintier version of the traditional tankard, and it is in remarkably good condition. This Lot comes with an estimate of £800 to £1200.



Lot 143: A pair of large Continental silver pheasants, with import marks for London, 1962


Lot 143 is a pair of large Continental silver pheasants with an estimate of £1200 to £1800. These life-like pheasants are larger than many examples on the market and are intricately detailed. There are several silver models of birds in the sale, including a pair of silver ducks by Comyns of London (Lot X), and a smaller pair of fighting cockerels (Lot Y).


A final highlight from this Fine & Decorative sale is a large silver ice bucket/wine cooler made by Garrard & Co. (Sheffield) in 1958. The piece takes a twin-handled campana form with a removable Thermos liner raised on a circular foot. The foot is decorated with a fluted band, and the cover features a spherical foliate finial. It stands at 35cm high and comes with an estimate of £1200 to £1800.




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