‘Roseberys Introducing’ Inaugural Exhibition 2015

01 May 2016

Roseberys Introducing launched in November 2015 with their inaugural exhibition of eight artists.

The exhibition held in the main foyer of Roseberys London showcased the diverse range of work by the following artists:

Exhibiting Artists: Tine Bech, Marcia Bennett Male, Lene Bladbjerg, Carys Davies, Karen Meleney Green, Sarah Kudirka, Julian Meredith and Nicolas Merton.

The works on show covered a range of disciplines spanning from Interactive light sculptures, wood cuts and ceramics to vast collages made from razor blades.

Curated and organised by Roseberys London Director Vicki Wonfor and Picture Specialist Kate Pritchard, the concept for Roseberys Introducing is a platform where the Roseberys experts look to emerging and established creative talent for inspiration of what is to come.



Vicki Wonfor explains…

‘The future of our industry lies with enquiring and motivated individuals inhabiting the world of art, craft, design and function today; whose creations will latterly be tomorrow’s prized possessions sold in auction houses across the world.’

Roseberys London were delighted and proud to encourage and showcase this special group of creative people working now, in this first exhibition. Roseberys London strives to bridge the gap between maker, buyer and seller in the secondary market.

Vicki Wonfor continues ‘We salute this often fearless and defiant group of creative individuals, and hope by supporting them now we will encourage the continuation of their careers through to the curation of their legacy and beyond; we are excited to be launching this initiative and wish this to be a long standing creative collaboration between the auction house and artists.’

Sarah Davenport